Our story starts with a pursuit of fun and a love for our city.  Golden Cow Creamery was founded by North Carolina natives Alex and Liz Hannah as a way to share their love of real homemade ice cream with friends and help the community at the same time. 

After growing up and attending college in North Carolina, Alex and Liz moved to Colorado and traveled the country for both fun and work sampling delicious homemade ice cream along the way.  After moving back to Charlotte it was immediately apparent what was missing; delicious, homemade ice cream.  So after a lot of learning and help from friends, family, and the community we are proud to bring our passion for ice cream to Charlotte.

Our flavors are inspired by North Carolina's diverse food culture as well as other fun and unique flavor’s picked up around the country and the world.  We make all our ice cream by hand in small batches from scratch with real milk, cream, eggs, and sugar or coconut for our vegan options.  You will not find any artificial syrups, bagged ice cream mix, stabilizers, filler, or food coloring here.  We also strive to use local ingredients wherever possible and support our local farmers when choosing flavors for our seasonal selections.   

But for us it’s not just about making delicious ice cream.  Golden Cow Creamery is a socially conscious organization with a mission to support the growth and prosperity of our community.  This is why we are committed to supporting our employees and why we created The Queens Share; a charitable giving campaign to support the community.  We are dedicated to building strength in our community by providing a positive and inclusive location for community members to gather while give back to those less fortunate. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a business the community loves to support that in turn supports the community.  We hope you really love our ice cream too.